Cedar City Regional Airport Master Plan

A master plan to establishing the Cedar City Airport’s blueprint for long-term development.

What is an Airport Master Plan?

An airport master plan is the process of establishing an airport’s blueprint for long-term development. It is a comprehensive study of the airport to determine an effective plan for future airport development. It ensures that the airport will continue to meet the needs of its customers in the future and that development is consistent with local, state, and national goals. This includes identifying potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts of future airport projects. An airport master plan is an important step in helping the airport become more efficient as well as financially and socially responsible.

Why Does the Airport Need One?

The last airport master plan was completed for Cedar City Regional Airport in 2018. An airport master plan is typically updated every five to ten years. This helps the airport respond to updated design requirements, changes in the economy, and industry changes.

What Is the Purpose of This Plan?

The purpose of the airport master plan is to develop a long-term plan for the airport that meets the following goals:

Identifies the condition and capacity of existing airport infrastructure.

Determines if improvements are needed to meet current safety standards or future aviation activity.

Ensures the airport is able to continue to safely and efficiently meet the needs of its customers.

Develops a financially responsible plan for airport development.

Establishes a realistic schedule for project implementation.

Identifies existing airport issues, opportunities, and constraints.

Identifies aviation industry trends and their potential impact to the airport.

Allows the community to provide input on the development of the plan.

Determines the potential environmental and socioeconomic impact of airport development.

Dentifies potential funding sources.

Keeps the community informed.


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